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It has been a couple of years since I had my wedding business up and running...I used to own Chicago Justice of the Peace Weddings and had a dedicated little Wedding Salon, oh I loved that gorgeous place on Milwaukee Avenue. You couldn't tell from the outside as it looked like any typical Chicago storefront, but it was probably the worlds smallest little wedding room when one walked in. It was decorated tastefully and modern, painted black floors that were worn from use, so modern shabby chic'ish... I truly love that place...had it opened for about a year and then just like that.... it was all gone.

The surprisingly breakdown of my then 20+ marriage was the reason, and nope, I didn't see it coming.  While going through all that drama, I couldn't just continue to marry couples. I had lost the will, the reason and means to. I was heartbroken and didn't want to be involved with anyone that was getting married....could you?  Well and boy, did I get the reviews of a lifetime after I had to immediately cancel the remaining weddings set up for the remainder of that year. I truly prayed on whether I should close or not, I didn't want to hurt these couples who had nothing to do with my personal life...but I just couldn't marry those couples no matter how much a "good face" I put on. Closing down my wedding salon, as well as my notary & paralegal business, was THE hardest decision I had to make in my life so far. I went into a depression which lasted three of the longest years of my life.

The only reason why I'm posting all of this, (by the way, I've never had a "blog" before so please bear with me as I'm thinking its like an online diary or journal) is because I've always been honest with my clients, and believe they deserved an explanation as to why I cancelled, refunded their monies....and yeah I received some of the most scathing and ugliest reviews, but I certainly don't blame them. Well, with the help of therapy and medication, I was able to pull myself out of the depression hole, and my life, far from perfect, just has so much more meaning now and I'm proud to say that I'm doing much much better and so is our family. All of my businesses are up and running again, even though I was still working as a notary and paralegal, part-time, I'm very happy that I've made the decision to wed couples once again. ...I truly can't wait.

In 2017, and I can't believe its been a couple of years now, I married my husbands nephew and fiance, and we all had just a blast! I couldn't believe how happy they were with me, I was very self-conscious. I posted pictures of their wedding in the Wedding Album here on the website. I decided then, that I was eventually going to come back and do this job I loved so much, but it was the "when" that I couldn't figure out, and the "how" do I get myself back? I certainly couldn't use my old business name...and so the planning went on, for a couple of more years apparently.

Well, as you no doubt have guessed by now,  I'm back the saddle again as the saying goes....a little wiser,  a little older, a bit more knee and hip issues than I care for, walking with a cane sometimes, but man oh man, am I anxious as ever and can't wait to start marrying couples again. Even though I no longer have my lovely little wedding salon, I can marry couples at their place of venue, or in my little yet quaint office. A brand new Wedding Salon is in the works, in the very near future...keep on the look out!

My next wedding is definitely going to be my most biggest challenge I think of all time as I will be marrying my oldest son and his fiance in August of this year!  I was asked and how could I resist doing something I absolutely love!  I love them both and truly believe they are  meant for one another. But man oh man, how am I going to NOT cry at my own sons wedding, while performing it??  Well, it is the challenge of a lifetime, and you all will have to wait until afterwards...I'll post any pics or videos here... So stay tuned....

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