Chicago Wedding Ceremonies by Carrie...

Carrie Rivera, Wedding Officiant & Reverend

Hi there, I'm Carrie and I'm a non-denominational Wedding Officiant and Reverend who can legally marry any engaged couples seeking be wed in the State of Illinois.  I have been marrying couples since 2008 and absolutely love this job, and am most honored to have served so many couples over the years. Please click this link to view the Happily Married Couples I've had the honor and privilege marrying over the years. I recently restarted marrying couples this past June 2019, and can't believe how much I've missed this job! I truly love making couples happy!

I believe that no one should ever be denied what is a basic human be legally wed to one's true love....for as long as they both shall live, no matter their race, religion, or sexual preference. Love is love, and its the same for everyone in this world. Why should taking such an important right of passage, be denied to anyone who is in love?

Each couples' Wedding Day deserves to have the most memorable wedding that has been specifically created, designed and centered around the couple. I am proud to say that each of the wedding ceremonies I've created for my wonderful couples, have been unique and specific to each their needs.

Please call me should you have questions or concerns regarding my services. 

Thank you for your time! 

Carrie Rivera, Wedding Officiant & Reverend

How do we obtain our marriage license?

Couples please remember, you must be married in the county that issued your marriage license. There is also a one day mandatory waiting period, therefore couples may get married any day AFTER they are issued their marriage license. 


If you are getting married in Cook County, click on the below link for more information:


If you are getting married in Lake County, click on the below link for more information: